imagine, two of you!

One does what you are doing now, and other takes care of everything outside for your loved ones. Subscribe to know how?

here, to help!

fully managed

It is like getting something, putting it on the shelf and forgetting about it.

round the clock

A service that can be relied, anytime of the day or night. Working round the clock.

trained team

Seasoned professionals not just someone with free time. Professional tranings

what is helpers?

Helpers is a companion driving services. We will be providing driver services who are unable to or prefer not to drive. The service will be for clients to get to appointments, transportation while they are unable to drive due illness and clients with mobility challenges. Our team will NOT comprise of someone who has free time to start a side gig but seasoned professionals. The service will completely managed service and we will be available for clients around the clock. 

register interest

Are you looking for a better companion driving services? Participate in our initial process and go into draw to win up to 6 months of free services.

complete freedom

Helpers is young and energetic, with the good old Kiwi can-do attitude. We may not have years of experience on our hands but we do have the attitude to shape the business around clients’ need. When shopping for something particular, you usually have tons of options. However, when it comes to companion driving it is either one or the other. As clients you have to work around their ‘policies’ not ‘your needs’. Instead of going shopping on ‘Tuesdays’ only we will assure you go shopping when you want to go shopping.


You will always be in the picture. What, when, why, where and how?


Clients safety comes first. Trained professionals from driving skills to situation management.

custom solution

Helpers is here to help not sell. Each client will have a customised service solution.


After you register and we collect enough interests. We will contact you with an update about the service.

You can help by sharing this page with your friends and colleagues who you think will need this service.

The service will initially launch in Hamilton.

It will be decided based on the average of first 10 customers.

Yes, all emails will have an option to unsubscribe if you wish not to participate.

Total 3 participants will receive free services. 6 months, 3 months and 1 month worth of free services.

register interest

If you are genuinely interested in a completely managed companion driving services. Then, register interest and help us bring this to life.

contact us

Leave us a message and we will get back to you.


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